About us

Initiated in 2013 the goal of the Conserve Tibet Project is to collect, preserve and make available significant materials specially audios and videos that have historical importance to the Tibetan people, so that they may be used by the current and future generations.

We research, discover and digitize at-risk collections both and private and public, using standard tools and method of digital preservation and best practices so that there treasures can be save before they fade into oblivion. The Conserve Tibet Project not only serves as preservation project but also serves as an educational resource for researchers, students, and the general public.

The project is lead by Thupten N. Chakrishar ( https://www.facebook.com/vajradog ) with guidance and support from Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar, Rinchen Dharlo, Tsultrim Chophel and Alexander Gardner, Ph. D.

We are extremely grateful to the Shelly and Donald Rubin Foundation, the Tibet Fund and VajraTV for their support.